Tuesday, July 8, 2014

It's Haul Time with Tea!

Yes! I got dibs on the first post of this Magnificent Blog! Whoop whoop!
Okay, I was supposed to write this post about 2 weeks ago (darn procrastination!). Anyways, here I am with a HAUL BLOG! I work part-time at this awesome bookstore that sells used and new items. It feels like every week there is some awesomely great sale going on. Well, the Saturday I decided to go in (my day off) they were having a grand sale, ALL USED ITEMS $2.99! That is right, $2.99! So you know what I did, I grabbed up $10 in coins and took my happy butt to the store! And yes, paying in quarters was totally worth it for this sale :)
With my change in hand, I picked up two art books (one of them still new in plastic but technically used) and the newest Beyoncé CD (edited for my ears, of course).