Friday, September 5, 2014

Pity Party: A Dangerous Game

*Please forgive me.This was supposed to be posted 3 months ago, but it is still relevant. Happy Reading*

One thing that I absolutely cannot stand is a pity party. I don’t like throwing one for others and sure enough, I do not enjoy having one for myself. As a matter of fact, if I even think of muttering a complaint (not venting but full out “woe is me, life is so unfair” complaining), often times I find myself rebuking the thought. Why is that? Because complaining leads to self-pity and self-pity will kill your vibe and zap the energy of those who try to cater to this ridiculousness.

This may sound harsh, but after hearing about what happened in May with Isla Vista Killings, this just reaffirms my views on the topic at hand. Elliot Rodger, the murderer, was not only deeply disturbed but he was extremely unappreciative. He thought that he deserved everything but did not put in the work needed to get results. He truly thought that everything he desired should come his way. He did not sow but expected to reap in abundance. This poor mentality led him to wallow in his pity.
*He was even a part of an online community that feed on this mindset. Instead of addressing their circumstances and making a change within themselves, these irrational people blamed the world and others for the problems in their lives. In the end, Rodger’s foolishness led him to harm and kill others; including himself. The whole ordeal is really sad and infuriating.
Now, I am not saying that a pity party will ultimately lead to your mortal destruction; but I am telling you that this selfish act poisons your mind and well-being. It is a black hole that steals your will and desires. A pity party attacks your dreams and tells you that no matter what you do, you will never get out of this situation. And if you decide to surround yourself with people who contribute only their problems and no solution, you only make the situation worse. Yep. Self-pity is venom, but guess what? We have the antidote; encouragement.
Encouragement is stronger than pity. Genuine encouragement shows love and builds you up. Encouragement focuses on the solutions and does not bombard your mind with the storms of life. Encouragement lifts your head up, wipes the tears from your eyes, and tells you that you will make it; this is not the end. So whenever you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders fill your mouth and mind with words of encouragement. Surround yourself with wise, empathetic people who will raise you up; not with foolish people who will only contribute to your burden. A little encouragement is infinitely times better than pity.

*Proverbs 13:20
         He who walks with wise  me will be wise, But the companions of fools will be destroyed.

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